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What Else Do We Offer?



Galabeya divers            Galabeya divers            Galabeya divers

Dive with a twist and more fun….get your Galabeya on and have a new fun diving experience. Our instructor, Shoda is the original founder of the Galabeya group, he is always looking for new ways to have fun underwater…

Check out the group on Facebook, or drop us an email for more info.


For the Muslim woman who really wants adventure and to explore the underwater world! We can help you have a unique experience. You can dive with us, your dive experience will be lead by women only instructors and guides. We will even arrange early morning starts to avoid the crowds – especially for those of you who wear Niqab! Yes, we can do it! Please drop us an email  for more details.


If you are studying marine biology or hospitality for tourism, we may be able to help college students with projects requiring some hands on experience. We have provided support to other students in the past, in association with one of the regions leading Marine Biology Conservation and Research centres. Contact us with details of your project and we will let you know if we can help out. Help can be provided on availability and will be according to the season, we will always do our best, however placements cant always be guaranteed. If we cant help we will do our best to find someone who can. 


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